Joshua Hicks Condemns Shameful Attack Mail Pieces

March 9, 2023

It is unconscionable to politicize the dangerous work of our hardworking first responders and deliver vile lies to tens of thousands of working families as a last-gasp attempt to hold onto power. This type of disgusting partisan politics is the exact reason I entered this race: to bring a fresh start to Jacksonville that does away with shameful mudslinging and brings forward real solutions to the infrastructure, housing, and small business challenges that have been ignored by my opponent.

During his do-nothing term in office, Jacksonville has become the murder capital of Florida. While Finance Chair, he did nothing to address the affordable housing crisis as rental costs skyrocketed 61% in his own neighborhood and it became even more difficult for first responders to afford a place to live. He has repeatedly voted to approve developments on the outskirts of Duval County, further stretching the JSO’s resources.

Local politics should be about fighting on behalf of your neighbors, friends and family, and standing up for the promises you make. It’s about our community and people, not partisan political careers or personal egos. When polls close in two weeks and I’m elected to City Council, I promise to show up, listen, and always act in the best interests of every Jacksonville resident.

I am calling on my opponent to publicly disavow these tactics and apologize for throwing first responders under the bus in his quest for power. Immediately.
Paid by Joshua Hicks, Democrat, for Jacksonville City Council, At-Large, Group 2.
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