I’m a native North Floridian who made Jacksonville my forever home after falling in love with the people and community. It’s where I married my husband Phillip and it’s where we are working with a local agency to adopt our first child and start a family. When I’m not supporting colorectal cancer patients and survivors, you can find me spending time at the beach, playing golf and tennis, or playing with our four dachshunds – Dexter, Dirk, Lady and Max.

Please reach out and say hello! I want to hear your hopes, dreams, and concerns about the future here in Jacksonville.

My brothers and I were raised in Tallahassee by a single mother who often worked multiple jobs to provide for us. Because of my mom’s example, to this day, I understand the meaning of a hard day’s work, and I’ll bring that same work ethic to serve our community on the Jacksonville City Council. I went to public schools in Tallahassee before attending Tallahassee Community College and double majoring in political and social science at Florida State University.

After completing my education, I focused on dedicating my career to giving back to the community and making a difference in the non-profit sector. I’ve worked for the People for the American Way Foundation, the Service Employees International Union, the League of Conservation Voters, and currently with the Colorectal Cancer Alliance. I’ve also held leadership roles in organizations working to reduce gun violence and promote equality for all.

My career reflects my values. I believe we need to build a better future for young people, ensure every family has access to healthcare, promote equal opportunity for all, protect our environment, and refocus our attention on addressing the needs of the entire community.

Through my lived experiences, I know the power of people coming together to do what’s right, uniting communities around a common purpose, and working together to achieve a shared vision: building safer and healthier communities, ensuring every person has the opportunity to thrive, and protecting our environment from pollution and climate change. 

Many families are struggling, some are barely getting by, and entire communities are routinely ignored. I’m running for the Jacksonville City Council to ensure every person is represented and refocus our priorities, including:

  • Attracting companies and supporting small businesses that hire a diverse workforce and provide their employees good-paying jobs.
  • Addressing ongoing infrastructure failures throughout Jacksonville and making smart investments that benefit everyone.
  • Developing a plan for a thriving downtown that brings together businesses and residents from across the city.
  • Addressing disparities so every resident has a good quality of life and can support their family, no matter who you are, what you look like, or where you live.
  • Devoting ourselves to tackling climate change for our city by the river, including coastal erosion and flooding, while protecting our pristine natural resources.

As your next Jacksonville City Councilmember, I’m committed to placing you first and putting your needs above all else. We must come together, support our community, and return the focus of local government back towards people. Together, we’ll build up our community – and take on those who want to keep us divided. 

I believe in our city, our future, and that we can work with each other to move Jacksonville forward.

Our City. Our Future. Jacksonville Forward.